deep breathing when I wake up in the morning

While working for the rights of society, neighbor, and relatives, we had forgotten our wishes and our dreams. For women activist like us who advocate for the violence against women, we feel, that we are living only because the other people want us to live, as we always have to go through threats, risks and fear which creares a situation where we always feel anxiety and mostly feel sick.

While working for the rights of women in slums for 13 years, an incident that happened with me one year ago make me feel that I have to take care of my health also. And I am someone who is working on psychological well-being of the people in the community. My doctor had recommended me to get a check-up of my uterus. But I had no time. There was a tumor developing in uterus, which I found out after I finally went for check up. At that time I realized that I had not taken care of my health at all, it was my carelessness. Now I regularly go for checkups and take care of myself and I feel like I can only help others if I remain alive. 

So now, I do deep breathing when I wake up in the morning.  When people say negative things about me, and I think that it is their level of thinking, and is not my mistake. 

I do not take too much load of work. I take a break to dance at times. If I get angry, I cry on my own, I do not say anything to anybody. I do meditation every morning. Every morning I tell myself tht today will be a good day. This is making me a lot better these days, and I always think  that today is going to be very good day. This way of thinking is making me feel better.

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