Recognizing where we speak from

How are our roots woven?

Situating activists
We opened our hearts to listen to the voices that inhabit our roots. We immersed ourselves in the thick forest to recognize the context from which we identify ourselves so that we may exist and resist the violence that is inflicted upon us.

Ethnic identity

Black is my color. If the IBGE [Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics] comes here and asks, “what is your color?”, I am going to say that I am black (…) If the police are going to come to assassinate me, I am going to say, “I am black”.

Now, identifying as black is considering that I am part of a group. A group that has a history, that has a tradition, a group that is crossed by this history and by the racism produced historically. The place that I occupy can be explained through this.

— Maria Lucia da Silva | Brazil


This is a very long story for me. In this part of Turkey, we face many difficulties that start when you are born here. The same thing happened to me when I was seven years old. I knew there was a difference between girls and boys, but I didn’t understand why. So, for two years I acted like a boy and had the same rights. But then I realized that even if I acted like a boy, I didn’t have the same rights



Feminist identities

And I’m a feminist too. One of the identities I have is that I am a community feminist, a non-imposed feminism, a non-Eurocentric, non-European feminism, but, rather, a feminism that arises from the territory, from the fight against multiple oppressions. That is my expression of identity


Voices of care

Draw a spiral representing your life up to the present moment and locate on the spiral important moments that affirm the identities that you have or have had. To do this activity you can answer the questions: ​​

How do you feel today and how does that make you feel?

Listen to the memories, experiences and trajectories that shape the identities of activists.

How can we ground ourselves in care and dance our revolution?

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