Listen to your breath

How is your heart, body and spirit?

Talking with ourselves and others

We realized that to continue dancing our revolution we need time to talk, to listen, to learn together and to make sense of what we live and experience in our work of struggle and resistance. Rooting collective care and self-care requires honesty, calm and time.


We do a lot of activist work as human rights defenders and sometimes we forget about ourselves. We forget about our mental wellbeing, our physical wellbeing (…) Self-care and wellbeing will help us cultivate and maintain our activism.

Brenda Kugonza, Women Human Rights Defenders Network | Uganda


Care through economic conditions

We do not have retirement. (…) So care is also connected to material conditions of existence.


Care through economic conditions

Care in family relationships

I learned about the proposal of the Urgent Action Fund, of Sustainable Activism, of self-care (…) and the truth is that I am grateful to life and to them, because if not, I would not be telling this story right now (…) Starting a process of healing, of care, to protect myself, to protect my daughters, and above all, to also protect the colleagues of my organization

Care in family relationships

Voices of care

We invite you to talk with yourself. Ask yourself how you feel and try to answer honestly. If the words don’t come out, you can draw, dance or create another type of message for yourself.​​

How is your heart?

Listen to the emotions that run through the lives of activists and their reflections on care

Let’s talk to each other.

How can we ground ourselves in care and dance our revolution?

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How is your heart?
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