Feeling care in the body | How do you take care of your heart daily

Sharing practices

We learned that although care is collective, we have strategies that respond to bodily experiences, contexts, identities and particular experiences. We do not have a formula or a recipe, but sharing our experiences roots us in collective care that keeps us standing up to dance our revolution.

Daily care for the body

I understood that if I don’t stop now, if I don’t listen to myself and understand my limitations, I’m going to burn out. It’s also an interesting conversation I’m having with myself. On one hand, I understand that I don’t want to burn out. On the other hand, my motivation not to burn out is fueled by being connected to other activists.
Salome Chagelishvili. Women’s Fund in Georgia | Georgia

Collective care through sharing emotions

So we met to cry [laughs]. And it seemed crazy to us, but we were once like this, with tears in our eyes, all of us enduring but no one crying while we all had eyes full of tears. One day we said to ourselves, well, and why that we don’t meet and cry, cry collectively?
— Danelly Estupiñán Valencia | Colombia

Collective care in work policies

Flexible hours, flexible workplace, more vacation days, understanding of stress, all these things can be done without money. It is an administrative decision. An organization may be financially constrained but can still provide other forms of wellbeing to its team.
Yara Sallam. Egypt

Voices of care

Close your eyes and take a few minutes to breathe. Feel your body and how the air moves in and out of your lungs.

Make a list of a few collective care practices in your daily life.

Sharing our practices of care saves lives.

Listen to the practices of care of activists.

If any of these strategies work for you, do not hesitate to adopt them to continue dancing the revolution from a place of care.

How can we ground ourselves in care and dance our revolution?

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