Did you bring umbrella?

Dear Nini,

I am looking at the blue sky now and the clouds are so few. The sky seems so quiet. Yet there seems unexpressed chaos in the long lines of jeepneys and vehicles underneath the sky. The temperature is so warm that I am sweating all over even in cooler place ventilated by a huge electric fan. And I remember you travelling from one urban poor area to an industrial area where workers spent their 12-hours a day. Did you bring umbrella? Do you have something to cover yourself from the scorching heath? I hope so!

I cannot forget the day when I was like you, 20 years old, so young, felt so invincible. I made several trips and visit in at least several communities from different corners of Valenzuela and then a trip to Cavite. Then the day when I alighted a bus in Tree Mantirez it was suddenly dark but I remember it was high noon. When I opened my eyes, my friend was frantic in creating creating some air, from a cardboard paper that she used as a fan. She told me I passed out. It was more than an hour before I awake. IT was only then I realised, I had been working 18hours a day, skipped my breakfast to arrive on time for appointment. The struggle was raging, the workers were preparing to go on strike. I missed the action, I was sick.

Why am I telling you all these? This is exactly what I see in you. Please do not miss the result of whatever you are preparing, by getting sick and staying in bed in a moment where you are needed the most. Take a rest, sleep and relax. Try to spend moments with your friends just to laugh at nothing even if you appear to others as crazy. You need to do crazy things to maintain your sanity.

I cannot bring back these times. I am still in the midst of a battle but I learned to be quiet and still amidst chaos in the company of friends and families, where stories are different from ours. Their stories are breadth of fresh air.

Have you been successful in transforming your lunch time as a bonding moment for your office and organisation colleagues? I know you can, even at least once a week. 

I am taking so much of your time, but in our journey, remember to laugh even at yourself. Our struggle become harder and longer when in our lowest moment, we lost our faith in what we are doing. I am here and you know I am just a text away when you need someone. Ingat ka Palagi! (take care always!)


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