feelings and experiences

Dear Friend Shivaji,

I would like to share my feelings and experiences with you. From 2012 I started my life working on social issues.

Related to this, in working on the issues of human rights, I have faced many problems and challenges. For e.g warnings and many abusive words. These kind f experiences gives me mental stress. Because of my work I was also unable to give time for my family. This may result in situations like unable to take care of your own health and problems within the family. While I am working on human rights for other people, I was not being aware of my own rights. I did not even realize my health was getting worse while being busy with facilitating for the rights of others.

I lost my weight, I had low pressure, I had kidney stones and several of these health issues started affecting me. And this is because I did not even  get to have my meal on time and there was no feeling of social security. 

One day I looked myself at the mirror. I did not like my own face in the mirror. I had not had time to look after myself. And I thought if I am gone how will I be able to help others? From that day onwards I have started looking after myself. I look after my health but I have also taken legal process against the violence and abuses that I faced. At the moment, I make time in the mornings and in the evenings to take care of myself. Programs of Action Aid has encouraged to develop this thinking strongly.

Therefore Shivaji since you are also working in this field I would like to say “First you take care of your health, if you are healthy then only you be able to work for others”. Government too should give social security.

Thank you,

Kabita Chaudhary

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